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JAARS in Peru...


The dream of flying!


Some people are borne with an urge to fly, to hang around things that fly, or build tings that fly. I have many times wondered how one gets this "bug"! Is it genetic? Will growing up on final to an international airport make you aviation-crazy? Probably not, probably just crazy! Anyway, I have not set forth to try and solve this. I was just wondering, because I am one of those aviation crazy guys as well. And I can tell you that I have not found a cure so far.

I have tried to quench the urge to zoom through clouds…. To lazily chug through the valley one summer afternoon in a Cub, windows open, coffee cup in hand….. To taxi out in a high performance twin on a night IFR flight to London….. But with no success.

I was ready to start my aviation-carrier around 1990. Anybody who has had anything to do with aviation the last 10 to 15 years know that this was no time for beginners. The general aviation marked was in a major slump. With no money, no job opportunities I had to look elsewhere. So in 1992 I started to pursue a degree in Engineering (Cybernetics) at Oslo College of Engineering.

Is not that I can't have fun doing other things, because I did have fun studying Cybernetics. It's just that flying is the most fun! So the day after I got the Engineering diploma in hand (summer 1996) I started studying for my PPL-A (Private Pilot License Airplane)

April 2000 I passed the check ride for CPL + Multi engine + Instrument. In May 2000 I passed the check ride for my Instructor license. Then followed a period of flying as an instructor at "Nedre Romerike Flyklubb", one of several flying clubs at Kjeller Aerodrome close to Oslo. 


Finally the summer of 2001 I heard the word that every pilot wants to hear.. The word "HIRED". I got a pilot job!  It is pretty incredible that it is possible to get paid to fly! It's fantastic! Then in April 2008 i passed the check ride for the ATPL.