Yarinacocha 1984-1987


Thanks to the hospitality of two wonderful families, I did not have to leave Peru to attend highschool (equivalent) in Norway. The first year I spent with the Ramesdale family. The second and third I spent with the Barkman family. Below you find some pictures from my Yarina time.

First a small mosaic depicting student life at Yarinacocha Highschool.


Slave-day at Yarinacocha School

Upper left: Greg Barkman (center) hired Benji Hocking (left) and me as his bodyguards. Greg the GENERAL!

Upper right: Mat Ellingson (left) and Jason Howlet wearing the latest from Paris.

Bottom left: A normal brake, on a normal day at Yarinacocha School. The girls expressing their feelings on the violin, while others just stroll around wearing they're favorite!



Yarinacocha scenery....

Callao by night, as seen from the float-plane ramp.
The car shed.
The raft in Yarinacocha lake.
"Tushmo canyo".


Yarinacocha Highschool Class of 87

What a nice day at school. Mr. Phanuf (far left) asked us if we had any wishes for today's class? Somebody said: "Lets take a flight in one of the float-planes!" "OK, if everybody agrees to chip in to cover the cost, we're going!" We could not quite believe that this was happening..., but the picture proves it! We went flying in the middle of school day.

This is from our senior trip to the south from Lima, along the cost.

From the left: Danny Romero, Deny Cope, Mr. Octaviano, Greg Barkman (on the bed) and finally Jim Ellingson. Sagert had already left Peru, therefore he did not attend the "Senior trip".


Due to some grate misfortune, I found myself "lost" in the Peruvian dessert for weeks on end! (And by the way, this dessert has the world record for being the driest on earth!) Then, suddenly, as I crawled over the top of a.... I saw Danny Romero selling lemonade for 5 Inties! Using my last bit of strength, I inched closer. There was a problem! I did not have any money! The last words I can remember hearing was Danny's voice saying: "No money, no lemonade!"